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Common Sense Media is a national non-partisan not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide trustworthy information and tools and an independent forum for families to review the media they and their children consume. Common sense also offers a curriculum toolkit for classroom teachers.

If you are looking for a suggested curriculum toolkit, Common Sense also offers FREE Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship lessons that are tailored for each grade span. The curriculum resources can be used by classroom teachers, library media specialists and computer teachers to help empower students to be safe and responsible as they navigate the digital world.  

Common Sense curriculum resources are easy to use and embed in the content you already teach and are aligned to existing national standards for: 
English Language Arts
Common Core (ELA) 
American Association
of School Librarians

International Society of
Technology Education
Look for Parent Surveys and downloadable tip sheets on a variety of topics such as internet safety, online gaming, social media and more on the Parent Resources pages. 
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Curriculum for K-12 
Parent Resources 
Scope and Sequence 
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