Artifact Reflection

The following is a sample of questions that can be used for students to reflect on artifacts included in their portfolio. Copy and paste into a Google Doc, edit as desired:

Artifact Reflection Sheet



Artifact title:

Subject area/topic:

Describe your work. Tell what it is and what steps you took to complete this assignment.

Describe any challenges you faced during this assignment . How did you address or troubleshoot the challenge(s)?

If applicable, tell how you collaborated with or received help from others.

Explain what you learned about the topic or how your thinking changed as you worked on this assignment.

Has your work improved? What would you do differently the next time?

Is there a connection between this learning experience and something else you know? Is there a connection outside the classroom?

Explain how you know that this  artifact is ready to go in your portfolio. What does it demonstrate about your learning and how will you use this knowledge in the future?

What standards have been addressed? Provide a description for each standard you select. If standard is not addressed enter NA:

1. Creativity and innovation
2. Communication and collaboration
3. Research and information fluency
4. Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making
5. Digital citizenship
6. Technology operations and concepts